Silvio Scaglia dichiarato innocente dal tribunale di Roma. Silvio Scaglia aquitted from all charges.

Silvio Scaglia is innocent, but he spent three months in jail, at Rebibbia Rome, believe me not a white collar detention centre! And then 9 months at house arrest in his home on the mountains. Now, after all that the court in Rome found him innocent.
He is innocent. He has been proven innocent. We knew he was innocent. So why a one year detention while deciding what we all knew already?

When he was at house detention, I was one of the two person who could go and visit him twice a week for three hours. So I think I know a bit of how he felt and how unjustly he was treated.

Today is a day of joy since justice at the very end has won, BUT.....


A book on Art

Just read a super book on the Art Business by Sarah Thorton. A great insight in what some people consider an investment.

Seven Days in the Art World.

Massimo Armanini: Going back to the Deutsche Mark? No way.....

Massimo Armanini: Going back to the lira?

Still pretty much a subject of debate, a very interesting article yesterday was suggesting that Japan, UK, US, and Germany are engaging in competitive devaluation. Yes even Germany de facto has a devalued 'DM' within the Euro. In other terms if Germany was not in the Eurozone its currency would appreciate say 30% at least?  The real loosers are of course France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland....
A very strange way of committing suicide!!!!!